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Barcode image generator software creates barcode using various standard barcode file such as code11, code39, code93, code128 and interleaved 2of5 standard barcode. Barcode labeling utility helps user to print generated barcode label, stickers, ribbons etc at paper and allow saving barcode image in various picture file format such as jpeg, jpg and bmp. Barcode label printing application is easy to use and user friendly barcode creator tool that facilitate user to modify barcode color, text size, style and provide permission to resize and align generated barcode string. Barcode software generates barcode of all special character (#, ~, @, &, $ etc), alphabets (a, b, c… and A, B, C …) and all number keys (1, 2, 3…) in sequential form as per input caption. Software support all different Microsoft windows based operating system like vista (all available version), XP media center, ME, NT, 2000 server and 98 with any laptop, desktop or notebook computer. Utility is helpful for both small / big organization such as shipping, transportation, finance, manufactures, inventory and so on and no need of any technical knowledge to generate barcode with this software. Barcode generator software features: * Sequentially generate barcode. * Give permission to change view, font, style, text, color of generated barcode. * Generated barcode image can be print on paper or save in any picture file format (gif, jpeg and bmp). * Design and develop for all MS windows based operating system (above 98). * Support all available barcode font file such as code39, code11, Codabar etc. * Generate barcode of all alphanumeric and special character. * Fastest, user friendly, GUI based barcode creator tool. * Helpful for any big and small company or organization. * Any available barcode reader device can scan generated barcode in easy way. * Freeware demo software available with inbuilt help option. * Improve the speed and accuracy of computer data entry.

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