Liberty BASIC Workshop



A complete IDE for Liberty BASIC programmers. Features: Multiple file creation and editing. Optional extended syntax coloring, fully customizable by the user! Code Explorer. Snippet Manager. Bookmarks and line numbers in code editor. Syntax help and syntax viewer. Block code indent/outdent and comment/uncomment. Gui builder/code generator with snap-to grid that displays real controls. Toolbar Wizard. Sprite mask-maker with batch processing capability. MessageBox maker. Variable listing tool. Stylebits Wizard. Array maker for string and numeric arrays. Menu maker for regular and popup menus. Accepts drag&drop files. Run, Tokenize and Debug Liberty BASIC Code. ASCII - VK_Code previewer. Font dialog preview. API function wrapper libraries. File insertion capabilities. Has code #include directive for project management. Optional 'Tip of the Day' window. Set desired number of characters for tab. Library of 32-bit printer API functions. Allows a user-defined helpfile to be run from the help menu. Includes icon editor/changer. Wav Previewer makes it easy to preview wavs and copy them to a different directory. User-defined hot button on toolbar. You can designate up to 10 external applications to run. Gui builder will allow choice of options such as tooltips, statusbar and timer to be added to generated code. Also includes a menu editor. Three color helpers -- RGB color previewer, Windows color dialog, and LB named color previewer. Bitmap Previewer, with the ability to generate a "loadbmp" list and copy bitmaps to a different dirctory. Includes custom DLL to load several image file types. Media Previewer, with the ability to generate the Liberty BASIC code to play the media files, and to copy the files to a different dirctory. AVI Maker - create your own animations from bitmap files! Packaging wizard to create runtime distribution files, optionally in a zip file.


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