Have you ever chafed at the fact that there are only 4 hardware app buttons on your PalmPilot? Sure, maybe you used the Preferences of the new PalmPilots to assign Dinky Pad instead of the Address Book, but most of the ROM apps are really quite useful, and there just aren't enough buttons to go around... until now. Yes, that's right, the new version of AppHack allows you to use two sequential button presses to launch up to twenty-four apps with near-instant speed. You'll never have to resort to the Applications dialog again! Plus, the new version of AppHack uses the HackMaster extension protocol, which means that it automatically gets re-installed after a soft reset! Set your button assignments once, and they'll never again get wiped by an errant crash. For each of the four hardware buttons, you assign six apps to be launched by the pressing of a second hardware button (page-up and -down included). A little dialog will even pop up to remind you of your app assignments until you can memorize them.

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