Diskeeper 2010 Server

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Your Windows server will run at top speed and efficiency with up to 85 percent of the potential fragmentation prevented from happening in the first place. Any bits of fragmentation that do occur are resolved in real-time with zero resource conflict. Today's servers must cope with escalating demands to process more bandwidth and volume sizes without bottlenecking. It is impossible to do this when the server is also writing fragmented files to disk, then having to retrieve them. Maintaining a stable machine at peak performance regardless of load isn't a nice to have, it's essential. In fact, thousands of IT pros wouldn't consider running their servers without Diskeeper performance software. IntelliWrite fragmentation prevention technology prevents up to 85 percent of the fragmentation every system suffers from. It intelligently writes contiguous files to the disk so server resources are not wasted creating fragmentation. The results? A whole new level of server speed and efficiency. Diskeeper is the only defragmenter with InvisiTasking technology, a real-time background processing technology that allows Diskeeper 2010 to defragment your system as fragmentation occurs, even during heavy traffic times - without using active system resources. InvisiTasking eliminates the need for scheduling and administrator attention.

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