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RocketOn is rated the #1 free Social Chat application online. Create an avatar and walk on top of any website. See your friends and meet new people on every webpage. Here's how it works: as you surf the web, meet your friends on top of your favorite sites. Your avatar can walk on webpages, chat with other avatars, show emotions, explore virtual worlds, and trade stuff. RocketOn has won numerous awards and is considered the best Social Browsing application on the Internet. In two minutes, you can join RocketOn and start up a conversation with other players on every website, including YouTube, Google, MTV, Facebook, etc... RocketOn turns the web into a virtual world and allows you communicate with people all over the globe. FEATURES: - Make your own avatar - Chat & play on top of any website - Adopt a virtual pet with advanced AI - Play games like… > gnome toss > casino games > puzzle games > action games > treasure hunts > quests - Go on virtual dates - Track your friends with your buddy list - Create your own personal rooms - Prank your friends - Shop for virtual clothes & gifts

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