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File cleaner software erases personal data, confidential information, private content and other multiple files, folders, from your hard disk drive. Drives cleanup software quickly clean all types of removable drives like USB drive, pen drive or memory stick and other external storage devices. Hard drives data cleanup software eliminates deleted system files including administrator temporary file, clipboard contents, system registry traces, windows event log etc. Hard disk data sanitization software wipes unused clusters which are not currently linked to any file system. Data cleaning tool provides facility to user to control non-destructive wiping to destructive wiping mode for advance wiping. Drive files sanitation software is a secure data wiper that support to temporary files, log files, unload files, old data files and directories. File cleanup software can clean the unused files, data of your hard disk and other removable devices. Laptop hard disk data wiper software safely wipes the whole logical hard disk drive, unused disk space of system. Removable hard disk cleaner wipes unused clusters which are not currently linked FAT or NTFS supported files. Storage media cleaner utility wipes all types of storage media that are supported by the software including removable drive, compact flash memory card, external hard disk, multimedia card, smart media, USB drive and other storage devices. Data eraser software can permanently wipe personal data, sensitive data and provides better system performance. Disk wiping utility is a security tool that provides facilities for wiping files, wiping out data, wiping disk partition of your computer. Features: * Wiping tool can erase list of all the programs from recycle bin and windows application logs. * File eraser utility provides better system performance. * Wiping software easily deletes your offline/online activities on internet. * Software does not require any technical skills to operate it.

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