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Undetectable keystroke recorder tool keep track on every key press activity on your computer. Keystroke monitoring utility can also capture typed text for all popular instant messengers (YAHOO, Gmail, Rediff, Hotmail, ICQ, AOL, MSN etc) and various windows application (word, excel, notepad and many more) with date, time and session in secure log file. Utility deliver log file in set intervals of time at user specified email address. Keyboard activity logger program helps corporate sector to examine over their employees routine activity in total hidden mode including typed website URL, email information, username and password, online chat conversation and capable to store all keyboard character including special keys. Keystroke surveillance software is developed to perform its inspection operation at desktop background in completely invisible mode. Parental monitoring software provides relief to parents who want to keep eye on their child computer online activities in a situation when they were absent and prevent them from harming websites. Invisible keystroke recorder program not shown in start menu list, control panel, add or remove programs, task manager and other application. Software captures Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Tab etc similar keys and not degrades system performance. Software Features: * Undetectable Keylogger tool record all keystrokes activities on computer performed by other users. * Surveillance tool maintains encrypted log files of pressed keys for future use. * Software is useful for parental monitoring (track children activities) and helpful to supervise employees activities. * Keystroke monitoring software support Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista operating system. *Software create password protected log file that invisible from all windows application including task manager and start menu.

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