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By using the ScreenSaver Commander you will have total control over the standard Windows' screen-saver option! For example, if you wish to use several screen-savers instead of one, the ScreenSaver Commander gives you that option effortlessly, and quickly. By using this programme you can: 1. Automatically/manually create and edit a list of all the pre-installed screen-savers. For every start of the Windows screen-saver, you can easily select which screen-saver to run from the list that you can create at any given time! 2. Test/view the information, and change the settings of all the screen-savers. 3. Change the screen-saver system settings, and the display power-off options directly - simply by using the tools. 4. Create a list of conditions, to prevent start of screen-saver if any specified windows are present. ...and, of course, you can simply let your imagination go wild when-ever you use the ScreenSaver Commander.


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