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Have you gotten bored to see the same stupid Windows wallpaper each time you turn on your computer? You could get sick from this! Extreme situations need extreme solutions: you could manually change your desktop wallpaper every 5 minutes OR you can let BioniX Wallpaper to do this 'dirty' job for you. What is BioniX Wallpaper ? BioniX is a complete and advanced wallpaper changer / manager that cycle the pictures on your desktop at your chosen time intervals. The greatest thing is that BioniX Wallpaper is FREE. It is small and fast and creates dependency. Soon, support for file (image) sharing will be added. Main features: -PURE freeware! No nag screens, no addware, no commercials, no spyware. -Only 2MB (few wallpapers included). No need for a fast computer. It won't eat your computer's memory. -System independent. It will install NO single file (DLL, ActiveX, updates, registry) in you operating system. -Skinable. Winamp style interface. Really easy to learn how to use it. -Advanced playlist editor. -Fully customizable. -Support for BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG/JPG, EMF/WMF -Embedded screen saver That isn't all. For the full feature list, check this page.


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