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Maybe you have scan a lot of your photos that token on your tour,and maybe you have a collection of JPEG,GIF,BMP,PSD,PCX,PCD,ICON,SWF, etc. format files,and the same time,there are tons of nice pictures, flash movies in the internet. Wouldn't you ever want to make it as your wallpaper that replace the Windows bored wallpaper? Magic Wallpaper is the powerful wallpaper management tool. It can use any BMP,JPG,GIF,SWF,DIB,PSD,PCX,PNG,PCD,ICO,CUR format file as wallpaper. You can change the wallpaper styles (Centered,Tiled,Stretched,Fit to screen) . It can change your wallpaper on startup or after a period of time or at your specific time automatically or manually change. It can change your wallpaper at the sequence order or randomize. MagicWallpaper is different from other program in that it has some individual features. Like it can check the latest version of Magic Wallpaper , transparent desktop icons text etc. Now,let's go to trial this amazing wallpaper management tool and it will let your Windows bored WallPaper be living! Let's do it!


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