Cintel DeskPro 2000

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Cintel DeskPro 2000 supplements Cintel DeskPro Studio, providing a leaner, meaner and more efficient 32-bit Windows Command Shell. Replace or supplement your Windows Shell with Cintel DeskPro 2000, which provides all the functionality of the Windows standard shell (Application management, Shut Down, Run, File Management etc.) and is very easily customised to suit your individual needs, with fully customisable icons, floating toolbars and menus for your favorite applications, folders, files or internet sites. Using DeskPro 2000 as your windows shell frees-up previously-occupied RAM, enabling games and other applications to run faster. DeskPro also supports Cintel's 'Lite' version applications. Lite versions are fully functional, and have no features removed from the full version, however, they are distributed in a smaller package, just their executable and the support files they require. You do not need to download the large runtime libraries with every Cintel Lite application because they are automatically installed by the DeskPro 2000 installation program. Updating DeskPro 2000 is easy; using the bundled configuration utility 'DPConfig', which builds on the version distributed with DeskPro Studio. Patching via the internet is simple; in DPConfig, click 'check for updates', the application connects to the internet and downloads the latest patch if required, in Cintel STUF format, which is extracted by DPConfig. The next step is to click 'Patch DeskPro to latest version' which extracts all the files required, then relaunches the updated version of DeskPro 2000, with no reboot required. Setting DeskPro 2000 as your shell is just as easy. Using DPConfig just one click is required to switch between DeskPro 2000 and the default Windows shell. The next time you restart, the shell you chose is launched. DeskPro 2000 also includes Cintel STUF Packager.*Shell replacement is currently unavailable on Windows NT4/2000. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming update.


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