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Best Blackjack software simulator for practice, analysis and simulation. Train in a realistically simulated casino blackjack table. Run high speed simulations. View statistics in real time. Get suggestions. Shows user mistakes.At the beginning of each round player edge is displayed. Displays the expected earnings for all permitted player actions (like STD, HIT). Displays the final dealer hand value probabilities. As you change the rules of the game, the player edge will be automatically displayed. Value of a particular rule can be instantly found. Generate Basic Strategy and index numbers using a natural method. Strategy is generated in the flow of the game. Other players can also be specified during the strategy generation. This will result in the strategy generation in a very realistic scenario. Print strategy cards. Manually create betting, playing and insurance strategies. Simulates a wide variety of Blackjack rule variations. Software has built in Basic and Hi Lo strategies. Several Count and Basic Strategies for various game rules are included with the software. Perfect play keeps track of every single card in making decisions. Perfect play is available for playing, betting and insurance strategies. Perfect play takes into account all current game rules. It also takes into account all bonuses like 5 Card 21, 6 Card 20, Double Diamond Blackjack etc. When dealer runs out of cards in the shoe, cards will be shuffled from discard tray. This scenario is also handled. In these scenarios, it may be possible to determine the dealer hole card and take advantage of it. Displays hand value and bet. Resize window to any size. The window will resize instantly. Natural display mode gives the feeling of being at the table. Game Rules, Statistics, Player List, Player Strategy can all be saved to a file and restored later. When you close the application and restart, your previous settings will automatically be restored.

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