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Neptune is a small, fast and fully-featured web server you can run on your own computer, supporting CGI and PHP. That means you can host your own website over a local area network, or the Internet. Share files, music, or just test-out your web page. Neptune does not require a high specification machine or a high connection speed to run, as file caching and maxium connection settings can be tailored on-the-fly to your needs. If you want to host your own website but you cant find an ISP that doesnt bog you down with banner adverts or maximum file size limitations, Neptune provides many benefits such as no space limitations, resumable downloads, multiple domain hosting on the same IP address and the advantage that your files dont have to be uploaded, as theyre shared directly from your hard drive. Neptune supports password protection, letting you choose which users have access to specific files and folders. In addition, Virtual Folder support allows you to map folders on your computer to folders in your website. Neptune supports both implicit and explicit file security - that is, you can choose to protect specific files or folders in a directory, or all files and folders under a given directory. The security model is easy to manage and based on user access privileges; not only are resources within your website protected, you can restrict certain program operations (Shutting down, Clear Logs) to users as well. Neptune features a remote console, which is accessible through any web browser. Once logged-on, a user can view statistics about the server, reset cache or log settings, or view event logs. When youre away from your computer, Neptune can be set-up to automatically upload the server address to an FTP server of your choice so you can always find the current address of the server wherever you are. Neptune also allows you to design your own error pages, such as when a file is not found, or if a user is unauthorised to access a certain resource.


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