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Welcome to 3D Fish Tank the new iPhone / iPod application. 3D Fish Tank is so real that it is like having an aquarium in the palm of your hand. The aquarium is totally in 3D, you can swim with the fish and have several camera angles. 3D Fish tank is an healthy and beautiful application, it is not a game, but if you want to relax between 2 meetings or while you wait for the dentist, it is a different and peaceful solution. 3D Fish Tank is a top-notch application where the technology is used to re-create the beauty of nature. It is the best technical demo for your new 3GS and iPodTouch. It offers you 3 different tanks, one is optimized specifically for the new iPhone 3GS and iPodstouch. You have 3 different ambient lightning, 4 cameras, and 2 professional hi-quality music worth the price of the application alone. There is an extreme attention to details. Even the plants are moving according to the water movements. The fishes artificial intelligence is at a level never seen before. Nothing is scripted, and each object interacts with each other. We use particles to simulate the bubbles and the fog at the bottom of the aquarium. Fish and Plants are animated at vertex level and are subject to physical rules, so they never do the same thing. We use 3D sounds so you feel totally emerged when you are into the water and you swim with the fish inside. Several lightning technical were used in order to simulate the water in a realistic way. Features : - 3 lightning : (night, normal, light) - 3 tanks (empty, quick for 2G and 3G, busy for 3GS and above) - 4 camera (front, inside, top and swim with the fish). - in Swim mode you can switch from one fish to another by tapping with 2 fingers. The name of the current selected fish is displayed in the left top corner. - 3 sounds mode : (no sound so you can play your own music, music 1 and music 2)


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