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New Features • Analyzer leverages referenced assemblies if available, to create a more accurate code model by that cannot be inferred from source code alone. • Rule applicability for scoping provides the ability to target rules. • Ability to analyze all code with a single rule allowing you to quickly scan code for a single issue. Enforce Naming Conventions with Configurable Rules The Naming Convention Knowledge default setup contains over 25 pre-configured rules that enforce the naming guidelines for C# established by Microsoft and set forth in Microsoft’s Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers. What is unique about the rules in this knowledge pack is the ability to configure them for you organization’s coding standards quickly and easily – without writing custom extensions. Correcting Naming Violations Quickly and Safely With this knowledge pack it is possible to detect and correct all naming violations in your solution in one simple pass. Some examples of the capabilities are: • Understanding scope of correction – meaning that local variables are only named in the functions or classes they are used – even if the same strings exist in other contexts. • Provides suggested names based on configuration of you standards. • Interact with correction UI to accept recommendations or provide your own names. • Bulk corrections allowing you to make as many violation corrections as you would like in one pass • Renames all declarations and references across all projects in a solution. • Remove unwanted prefixes and suffixes. • Can be used to quickly and safely transition entire solutions from one naming convention to another.

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