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Generates source code for the Data Access & Business Layers of a typical .NET application. Outputs include Stored Procedures for the Data Layer, a data provider class for the Data Access Layer along with data transfer objects. For the Business Layer, a cache is available along with the Domain Model. A Business Services layer exposes functionality to the Service Publication (WCF and Web Services) and UI Layers (ASP.NET). Searching & Paging included. # Code for entity relationships are generated # Zero-code query builder # Table and column name mapping # Specialized code for Static Reference Tables # Configurable data caching with auto refresh # Scalable data paging (Data Source Paging) # Relationship denormalization code is generated for the Business Layer # Stored Procedures, OOP classes and collections (generic List of T) are generated # No ad-hoc or parameterized queries (only Stored Procedures) equals greater DB access security # Automatic code comments # The Complete data manipulation stack (i.e. Stored Procedures, Data Entity Classes, Data Access Provider, Caching, and Business Domain Model Classes) is generated # The generated search API and pages include 'FullText' features # WCF Services (.svc) and Web Services (.asmx) are generated to expose the Business Services Layer.

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