Crimson Editor



Key Features: Edit multiple documents - switch between documents using file selection tab. - Ctrl+Tab brings the last accessed document to topmost. - support window splitter to see different parts of a document. Syntax highlighting - configurable via custom syntax files. - preconfigured for more than 100 computer languages. Multi-level undo / redo - all editing actions are recorded from the opening of a file. - any document always can be undone to it's initial contents. - unlimited undo and redo buffers. Project management - manage group of related files into one project. - remote files also can be included in a project. Directory tree view window - click to open documents. - filter to display only selected file class. Find & Replace - replace specified text one by one, or as a whole. - support regular expression. Column mode editing - copy and paste rectangular selections. - switch between column mode and line mode. (Alt+C) Natural word wrapping - word wrapping does not affect syntax highlighting. - configurable wrapping indentation. (easer to understand the syntax) Spell checker - around 100000 words were added in the dictionary. - users can register new words in their own dictionary. (InstallDir/user.dic) User tools and macros - execute external programs with proper arguments. - compile, execute and test your code. - ease your fingers with key stroke recording. (record & replay) Edit remote files directly using built-in FTP client - open, edit, and save documents in remote FTP servers. - save account information (encoded) for automatic logon. Print & Print preview - configurable page header and footer. - print with line numbers. - print with syntax highlighting. (used in color printer) - true type font selection for printer.

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