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The Premier Palm Unit Converter Convert-It allows you to perform over 6,800 different conversions, between nearly 500 units, organized in 41 categories. It's the quick and easy way to convert measurements from one unit to another on your Palm OS® powered handheld. Convert units to/from Metric, US Customary, Imperial, and many other measurement systems, using the nearly 500 built-in conversion factors, which have been obtained from the latest US National Institute of Standards (NIST) figures and other sources. Convert-It features an easy-to-use interface and quick access to frequently used conversions. Use the clipboard to transfer conversion results to other documents and applications using cut-and-paste. Convert-It is the most comphrensive Palm unit converter. Its quality and accuracy are surpassed by none. Try it yourself — download a free trial now. Convert-It is simply the best unit converter for Palm powered handhelds. Key Features: * Comprehensive - includes over 500 units in 41 conversion categories * Flexible - suitable for engineers, yet easy easy enough to use by anyone * Easy-to-Use - auto calculation eliminates the need to tap a convert button * Customizable - select/display only the conversion categories that you use most * Convenient - recent conversions - quickly and easily select from your most frequently used calculations * Accurate - all unit conversions are performed with double precision floating point math, using factors supplied by NIST * Scientific Notation - input and display using real numbers or scientific notation * Base Conversions - perform conversions between :binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and ASCII * International Support - built-in support for international number formats on Palm OS 2.0 and later devices


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