Accounts and Loans

Palm Pilot
Productivity and Business


This program is ideal for keeping track of your finances. As an electronic checkbook, you can keep tabs on all your bank accounts in the palm of your hand. As a loan calculator, you can keep track of all your debts and your interest payments. With the future balance prediction capability, you can quickly identify when you accounts will get overdrawn and take action appropriately. This program includes the following set of richful features to help you do just that: <ul> <li>Unlimited number of accounts (max of 3 for shareware version) <li>Unlimited number of expense categories <li>Handle multiple currencies <li>Handle Canadian & US mortgage calculations (with accelerated weekly payment options). <li>Automatic loan payment & recurring transaction entries <li>Automatic reminder in Date Book, To-Do List, or Memo Pad for recurring / loan transactions <li>Account summary / expense category summary reports <li>Future balance prediction. <li>Export/import transaction data to/from Memo Pad in CSV format <li>Support for Quik Budget v3.1 and higher </ul>


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