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Tree MDI is a GRML web browser that browses files and web pages. It reads and saves GRML, CSV or character-delimited formats. As an MDI web browser, it supports multiple browser windows. Each browser window has its own content and navigation history. A browser window has two parts, a form and a view. The form sends web requests and the view displays results. File and web pages use GRML, CSV or character-delimited formats. Only GRML uses a form, but all formats use a view. The form has input controls for user input. They are edit boxes, drop-down boxes, buttons, etc. The input from these controls is sent when a form is submitted. The form uses a submit control to determine the destination for a submitted request. Tree MDI is a single-form web browser. That means it uses, at most, one form for each web page. The view displays results. It uses columns to define how many items are in a result.These results are displayed in Tree MDI using a tree control. The tree control displays the first result item as a parent and all other result items as children of this parent. By clicking the '+' next to the parent item, the child items are displayed. When file or web page results are first displayed in Tree MDI, only the first item of the result is visible. If a result item has a hyperlink, a double-click sends a file or web page request. Use the 'Send To' menu item to send the link to another application. Editing is only used with child items. While the first item of a result is displayed, it is not editable. Click the '+' next to the item, and the child items appear. These are editable. Select an item and go to the Details window. Edit the item there and select another item to submit the changes. The browser windows all reside in the workspace. The workspace supports none, one, or many browser windows. The Workspace Explorer browses the workspace. The History window displays submitted file and web page requests.


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