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Headlines MDI browses the web using GRML. It uses a list box to display file and web page results. GRML splits content, using a form AND a view. The form contains input controls. The view contains columns and results. Each result has result items. A list box displays results using an image and text. Before a result displays, a dialog requests image dimensions. Result images use the dimensions and display the first item of a result. HTML defines HOW web pages look. There is one way it is displayed. This is called a display definition markup language. GRML defines WHAT web page content is. It is called a data definition markup language. In HTML, regardless of how many web browsers there are, they all try to display a web page the same way. In GRML, the web browser decides how to display a web page. Why? GRML does not define a specific view of a web page. That means different GRML web browsers display the same web page differently. With control of the way a web page is displayed and separating the form from other web page content, a GRML web browser is able to provide multiple views of a web page. Use a list, or tree, or grid to view a web page. This also allows a GRML web browser to support other data definition formats and markup languages or convert them, such as XML, RSS, CSV, or character-delimited. Unlike HTML, GRML supports "named" content. This means support for multidimensional views of a web page. To view 2 pages of message board results, or 4 pages of auction listings, or 6 pages of headlines, a HTML web browser loads each page. Viewing each web page requires navigating between them. Using GRML, load the content in one web page, each with its own "name". Then, use a drop-down list to display the content based on its "name". Separating the form from other web page content, support for multiple AND multidimensional views, and compatibility with other data definition formats means GRML web browsers offer another way to browse the web.

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