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This is a Completely free Crohn's Diease Rss Reader Because I’ve had Crohn’s disease for most of my adult life I thought it might be a good idea and a help to others if I wrote about a few of my experiences. It may seem during this discourse that I have a problem with doctors, I don’t really, well, maybe a little bit but it is important to note that a lot of the problem with Crohn’s is that they don’t really know what causes it. My main problem with doctors is that while they don’t know what causes it they still need, in their heart of hearts, to give you a diagnosis. Difficult to give a diagnosis on something that you don’t know anything about. The other problem with doctors is that they know science which is fine but in my experience Crohn’s disease tends to be made up of different aspects of both mind and body, a fact which seems to get lost with many if not all doctors. This can make things difficult and in one particular instance extremely difficult.It is very important to remember with Crohn’s disease or in fact any other medical problem you might have that neither medical science nor doctors are perfect. They do not know all of the answers. The responsibility for your body and your health is ultimately yours. I really don’t want to seem to be preaching but the point is that once you understand this you could save yourself a lot of problems. For 25 years now, maybe 30, I have been going to doctors whenever I got a flare up and for 25 to 30 years the diagnosis has always been that I had IBS; irritable bowel syndrome. I think possibly that I am not alone in this experience. You see, doctors tend to want to give you an answer to your problem which is understandable but, there is a major problem here in that with Crohn’s and IBS there is really no answer. In actual fact they don’t know what causes it. Anyway that's basically what my blog is all about. If you are interested please do drop by to

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