Arixcel Accounts

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Arixcel Accounts is an add-in to Microsoft Excel for keeping track of personal finances. It is a simple tool that gives you a clear picture of your finances and helps to make better spending decision, accumulate savings or reduce debt. It is primarily designed for people who use online banking and who have several bank accounts and credit cards. Key functionality: * Consolidate all your bank accounts and credit cards on one Excel spreadsheet. * Automatically update it with new transactions from electronic bank statements. * Organise your income and expenses into descriptive categories to see where money comes from and where it is spent. * Create budgets and forecasts for the future. With Arixcel Accounts you have the full control and transparency of a spreadsheet. You know exactly where your financial data is stored and how it is processed. You also do not need to learn any new interface if you are familiar with Microsoft Excel.


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