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With the easy availability of self service password reset tool like Lepide Active Directory Self Service, it is much easier for end users to update their own personal information in Active Directory, reset password or unlock account without any difficulty. No more need to make any calls to IT staff; users can perform password resetting on their own. Therefore, in one way the software helps in saving priceless time that user generally wastes waiting for the system admin to reset password, change passwords at next logon or unlock the account. Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a beneficial application that also allows to retain their previous settings and old database and to create verification questions in case they forget or lose their login passwords. The LADSS facilitates both the admin and the end users by reducing significant amount of time and configuring password reset system. This self service password reset software is also meant to provide benefits to IT administrator. For IT administrators, the software can be the most ideal option to know or collect information about the users, who have updated self-information or have reset password. The web-based interface of this tool enables both the admin and end users to access the AD from any remote place. Admin can apply a default policy to the domain and configure the mail server settings through which they can track all the user made changes in the AD profile. Adding to this, it is also equipped with bug fixing capability to regenerate all erroneous operations. Besides, the tool is very simple and easy to operate and doesn


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