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NetFlow Analyzer is a, web based (no hardware probes), bandwidth monitoring, network forensics and network traffic analysis tool that has been optimizing thousands of networks across varied industries for peak performance and helping them to put their bandwidth for a better use. NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector, analyzer and reporting engine integrated together. With close to 4000 enterprises using NetFlow Analyzer for an in-depth visibility into their network traffic and its patterns, NetFlow Analyzer continues to earn trust of more users by giving business knowledge of real-time network behavior and how traffic impacts the network's overall health. There are three editions of NetFlow analyzer catering to the Small/ Medium(10 - 600 interfaces) and Large enterprises( more than 600 interfaces). Benefits: In-depth visibility with top hosts, applications, DSCP, TCP_Flag and AS information for every link and for configurable IP Based departments and divisions, Fine Grained Application Categorization and Recognition using Cisco NBAR, Proactive alerting and Scheduling of reports, Privilege based user access, billing / chargeback, reporting on Cisco CBQoS and much more. Simply put, NetFlow Analyzer helps you with network traffic monitoring with easy-to-understand reports for a better understanding of the bandwidth utilization in you network. Platforms: NetFlow Analyzer runs both in Windows & Linux. Vendors: CISCO, Juniper, HP, APC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft. Technologies: Cisco NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, Cisco NBAR, Cisco CBQoS are some of the few technologies supported by NetFlow Analyzer for a network traffic monitoring. Using the flows exported from above mentioned devices, NetFlow analyzer is able to analyze the network traffic and give a detailed report on bandwidth utilization, top talkers, applications, conversations etc.


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