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Gentle MAC allows operating your network devices automatically as well as manually and changing IP and MAC address as well. Gentle MAC is user-friendly, secure and reliable utility among similar products. Change your IP and MAC address simultaneously! After installation Gentle MAC it is ready to use and no additional settings are required. If you are IT security expert or network administrator and you require verification of authentication system of your Internet provider, if you are online gamer and you need to operate your network devices gingerly; or you have other reasons to change IP and MAC address, choose Gentle MAC as it is the best facility now in use. Developers of Gentle MAC keep developing the product and are at comprehensive technical support of the users. Make sure all advantages of Gentle Mac, download now! FEATURES: * Gentle MAC changes IP and the MAC-address during 2-3 seconds, the program assumes control of changing MAC address and restarting network devices. * Capable to change MAC address of any network adapters including WiFi-cards. * Change MAC Address without any reboot * User-friendly interface set you free from extra care and implement your task quickly and comfortably. * You can change IP and MAC address separately or simultaneously, that sometimes happens to be more than necessary. * You can manage your devices via command line and scripts. * Gentle MAC assumes the control over set tasks, making work with network devices most transparent, helping you to be more confident and effective.

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