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MessagePopup II is Message Communication FREEWARE software program for LAN users. Update When ver 1.2, it compiled with new compiler for the stability. But, It was the terrible choice. It caused a lot of new bugs. So, I compile it with old compiler . 1. Pin button to fix the message in the received window. It can avoid changing message by new message when you see that message. 2. Can change download DIR . Basic Functions: Message Popup searches Message Popup users on the your network when started, or when you click [CONN] connection button When you receive a message, it pops up with a sound To make the popup window disappear, simply press [Esc] or click system close button If you don´t want a popup when a message is received, right click the system tray icon, and select [Icon Window] View the help manual anytime by pressing [F1] Other functions: Diary Alarm Can change your user name A file attachment Auto forward a memo Can communicate with other IP network users Use my group to list users on connecting

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