Message Popup II in English 1.2.2

Network and Internet
Misc Communications Tools


Message Popup is LAN Message Communication FREEWARE software program. Update 1.Can set a password. 2.When sending a file, you can send a message. 3.lots of error changed. Basic Functions 1. Message Popup search Message Popup users on the your network when start, or when you click [CONN] connection button. 2. When receive a message, it is popup with a sound. 3. To make disappear the popup window, simply press [Esc] or click system close button 4. If you don't want popup when a message is received, right click the system trary icon, and select [Icon Window] 5. Anytime to see the manual, press [F1] Other funtions. 1. Diary 2. Alarm 3. Can change your user name. 4. A file attachment 5. Auto forward a memo 6. Can communication other IP network users. 7. Use my group to list users on connecting


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