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Do you have images that you would like to show to people all over the world and you just don't know how to publish them on the internet and create links to all of them? SoftOrbits Html Web Gallery Creator is the right thing for you. This software creates friendly web pages on which it puts your pictures. Every page has a link to the previous picture, the next photo, and to the main index file that SoftOrbits Html Web Gallery Creator creates for you. You can choose the number of thumbnails per pagefonts,page colors, and other settings. Then you can preview created web album in your favorite browser and your web gallery is ready to be published in the web! The application is easy-to-use but very powerful. If you want to post your digital images to the internet, chosing SoftOrbits Html Web Gallery Creator is the right decision! Key features: - Free to try - Writing and Reading to JPEG and BMP formats. Writing to .PNG format (for thumbnails) is supported - Creating friendly HTML albums. No need of using PHP/ASP/CGI/ Java etc. - High-quality picture resizing - Generating multi-page galleries for faster loading - Storing your pictures in project files, so gallery configuration aren't lost when you exit from the program - Creating previews with the fadeout effect, combined with transparent .PNGs and your custom background can produce very nice results - Generating thumbnails for the galleries with beautiful mouse rollover effects - Creating a .ZIP file with all photos from the album - Supprots Exif metadata in photos. It is preserved in the output images and used for some cool things like: * Determining photo orientation * Determining image capture date, which could be used to sort images in chronological order * Generating an Exif stats page, with image settings like ISO speed,aperture,shutter speed, and focal length.


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