Ye Olde Knights of Yore (Yokoy)

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Yokoy Deathmatch VERSION 1.4 Ye olde Knights of Yore is a real time, top-down, rpg/action game for up to four players. It combines rpg style gameplay such as a monetary system to buy new equipment and services, and a full experience system for advancing your charaters. You take the role of a Mage, Scout, Thief or Paladin and battle against each other, or against some AI controlled opponents such as Arcanes or Priests. Tha game includes various types such as Capture the Flag, Base Defence and Hold the Hill and each game is fully customisable from frags to how much cash is generated in each money bag. Version 1.4 now has a full shop system with easy to use menus, a one on one gladiatorial style colloseum, AI in battles (up to 15 enemies with varying diffuculty) and a SINGLE PLAYER MODE. A definite RPG download!


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