PDAPacMan Classic (Updated) for Pocket PC

Arcade Style Games


The Best Classic PacMan game for Pocket PC. It's the most fabulous and real version of the PacMan game, which will allows you to experience the controlled emotion of the challenge of new levels with the best speed and sounds. Be aware with the ghosts, they are behind you. <br> <br> <B>Main Features</B> <UL> <LI>Great Display <LI>Different Game Levels <LI>Nice Characters <LI>TopTen High Scores <LI>Players Name <LI>Many Game Speeds <LI>Easy Direction key setup <LI>Pause Option <LI>Minimize Button <LI>Easy Register Way <LI>Smooth Motion </UL> <br> <br> <B>New Features</B> <UL> <LI>3 Difficulty Levels (High,Medium,Low) <LI>Improved Performance <LI>Cookies Counter </UL>


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