MDIEditor and Lotto

Lotto Number Generators


A powerful suite of a text editor and lottery number generator. The editor's features are similar to those of WordPad, withunlimited file size and ASCII or .RTF formatting, plus the ability to work with several files simultaneously. You can print from the program or link (via OLE) to Word's print controls and spelling. The lottery section, backed by the author's 'Fundamental Formula of Gambling,' generates numbers for any lottery pool size and number of hits, as well as Pick 3, Pick 4, Keno, and Horse racing. It comes with 21 abbreviated lotto systems, or 'lotto wheels'; generates reports for the least- and most-frequent pairings; andgenerates skip (hit-and-miss) charts for use with thegambling formula. Online help explains the use of every menu item.


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