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Expert Lotto is completely universal and supports almost any numerical lottery. You can choose from a list of ready-to-play lotteries or use Expert Lotto's wizard to setup your own lottery including playslip printing. The Number Generator feature allows full, abbreviated and random wheeling. For example when playing a 6/49 lottery you can work with all 13983816 number combinations. All lottery strategies are based on understanding and analysis of previous winning numbers. You can use numerous filters and statistics to find out which number combinations are the most frequent. Expert Lotto offers statistics to evaluate the winning numbers database mathematically and graphically. You can track and evaluate the frequency of drawn numbers, frequency of pairs and triplets, frequency of combinations of any two numbers and many more throughout the winning numbers history. The statistics are provided as tables and charts. Expert Lotto offers a very powerful tool to analyze previous winning numbers. The winning numbers database is presented as ten lines in a chart. If you manage to correctly estimate the trend of these curves (i.e. the line will rise/fall in the next draw) you can use Expert Lotto functions to get a reasonably small set of tickets, which is guaranteed to include the jackpot winning ticket! This procedure is reproducible. Filling playslips manually is tedious and error-prone process. With Expert Lotto you can define the playslip layout and dimensions and thus print directly on lottery's official playslips. It is difficult to find the winning ticket in a large bet and you can even miss the winning one. Expert Lotto will find the winning tickets for you. The playslips printed by Expert Lotto are numbered so it's very easy to find the winning playslips. Expert Lotto functionality can be extended by plugins, which implement our new ideas or extend existing features.

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