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GameBiz 2 is the sequel to GameBiz: The Magical Years which was released in 2004. GameBiz 2 places you in the role of a manager of a game-development house. Your company is formed in the winter of 1979 - at a time when arcades still ruled the gaming world, and consoles and home computers were on a rise. All the existing features found in GameBiz have been expanded upon, as well as a ton of new features that have been added to the game. Some of the key features are listed below. New Game Features: Build Make Engines (game framework) and sell them to developers around the world. Build a factory and design, produce and sell your own console/home computer. Make games for 60+ platforms and in more than 30 different genres. Make sequel’s to your best games (or even ones that you think deserve a second chance!) Make as many games at one time as your company can manage. Sell/buy your company stocks to earn money and hold off competitors from buying you out. Build warehouse’s and much more! Get ready to conquer the gaming charts...


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