Dress Up Your Doll



Dress up Your Doll gives you the ability to dress up every doll in the house in doll clothes created on your computer. Play the dress up doll game. You can clone the entire collection of outfits and work with the doll like a fashion stylist. With Dress up Your Doll you personalize a design and even change the fabric. All models allow you to choose the color of blouses, coats, dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers, bathrobes, bathing suits, hats and footwear. Dress up Your Doll is IBM compatible. Its dress up doll game gives you the power to select fantastic doll clothes that turn any doll into a stylish super doll. Print out the patterns of any piece of clothes and enrich the real wardrobe of your dolls! It has never been this easy to dress up a doll in the colors and styles of little girls. In this day and age no doll should be without a Dress up Your Doll!

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