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Did you receive a spam-email today? Look at it closely, it may be the last one you'll ever see ... SpamDetective is an utility that assists you with your email. First, it is an email notifier with mail preview and deletion option, which periodically checks one or multiple email accounts (POP3, IMAP4, MAPI and hotmail) and notifies you when new mail arrives (by playing a sound, showing a notification window). You can preview and delete mail manually without actually downloading it into your mail program. The key feature however is an automatic spam detector, which works based on a unique fuzzy logic approach. Spam can either be automatically pre-selected in the message list (for manual deletion), moved to a special folder on your mail server or local hard disk (for ocassional check before final deletion) or it can be automatically deleted, all this depending on how sure SpamDetective it is about the decision. Spam Detective looks at various indications (words, formatting, sender domain check, list of adressees) before making balanced decision. It's agressiveness can be adjusted by the user, by changing the threshold values for the individual spam handling options (mark, move, delete, etc.)


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