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Death2Spam is a true Bayesian E-mail filter. Featuring advanced heuristics and adaptive technology, D2S is available as a proxy service or as a local install. As a server-based solution, there is nothing to install on any client machine. It is 95% accurate out-of-the-box and can exceed 99% after about two weeks. Because Spam is always evolving, Death2Spam allows users to re-classify messages and uses this feedback to maintain its high level of accuracy. D2S will rate each message as Good, Unsure or Spam. The D2S user administration area provides the ability to easily re-classify Good messages as Spam and vice versa. This area, accessed via a web browser, also provides statistics on its accuracy. Every message scanned by Death2Spam receives a score (0-100). The higher the score, the more likely it is to be Spam. Instead of simply scanning for key words, D2S derives the score from looking at numerous component characteristics within the message, including attachments, spelling accuracy, headers, sender information, HTML code, included URLs, etc. In fact, it reviews several dozen aspects of each e-mail when assigning a score. After a week or two, users have trained D2S to effectively eliminate over 99% of unwanted junk. By design, D2S errs on the side of caution, meaning if a message is not easily labeled as Spam, it will be delivered. Even with this liberal approach, it maintains its 99% overall accuracy and, more importantly, is over 99.99% in delivering valid messages to the user. Death2Spam does not rely on Black Lists, key words or Challenge/Response gimmicks. In fact, once installed, Death2Spam requires virtually no Network Administrator interaction. By design, Death2Spam eliminates the time-consuming task of maintaining a Spam filter, allowing Network Administrators to focus on more pressing matters.


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