WinPure is a simple to use, but powerful data cleaning tool. Powerful features of WinPure include Email Cleaner, Text Cleaner, Column Cleaner, Case Converter, Statistics, Quick Match and Intelli Dupe Finder. This product is ideal for identifying duplications, incorrect email addresses, spelling errors, removing unwanted punctuation, tidying dirty data and much more. WinPure 2.0 also provides a fully customized Spelling Manager, a Domain Name editor for the Email Cleaner and also a Prefixes and Exceptions editor for the Case Converter module. WinPure has been specially designed to be used by non-technical people as well as the experts. It has an intuitive interface that lets you clean your files easily and effectively. Cleaning your data is usually very expensive because it’s either costly or time consuming. WinPure will not only save you time and money once, but you can use it again and again. A simple tutorial is included to get you started, alongside a detailed help section. Simply import your files (Text files, Access tables or Excel Spreadsheets) into WinPure, then use the simple but powerful features to clean your data, then finally export the file back to the original format, its really that simple! WinPure 2.0 comes with ongoing customer support and discounts/promotions on future WinPure products.

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