Tek Converter II

Unit Conversion Tools


An Explorer-like, easy-to-use unit conversion program, converts almost all units, covering approx. 280 units of 30 categories including conversions between binary, octal, hexadecimal and decimal numbers by default. It displays a conversion result together with its total rounding error instantaneously as you type a number. Tek Converter II will answer the purpose of practical use for engineers, students and those who have the necessity to easily convert various units and to add considerable numbers of categories/units for special purposes. You can add/edit unit categories andunits as needed by means just like Windows Explorer. The maximum number of unit categories is 100 and up to 100 units can be defined per each categories. In other words the maximum number of units is 10,000. Tek Converter II supports the conversion format [Standard unit] = [Rate] x [Non-standard unit] + [Offset], while many of other unit conversion applications support only [Standard unit] = [Rate] x [Non-standard unit]. This means Tek Converter II can handle linear equations with an offset. The built-in calculator enables fundamental and functional calculations using converted results, or vice versa.Requires the VB 4.0 Runtimes.


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