SuperCon 2000

Unit Conversion Tools
  • Developer: Tek Design
  • Home page: visit
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 1.31 MB
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SuperCon 2000 is the highly configurable and versatile unit conversion program, featuring Explorer-style user interface, lots of available conversion units included, batch conversion, quick reference, conversions between decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers, and much more! Its intuitive user interface allows students to math experts to enjoy various unit conversions. SuperCon 2000 handles the conversion format [Base unit] = [Conversion Factor] x [Non-standard unit] + [Y-intercept]. The extendable conversion table, containing 67 physical quantities and 760 units of measurement, can be edited by means just like Windows Explorer. It can be also exported and imported as a text document. Each table can contain up to 200 physical quantities and 100 units per each quantity, i.e.; up to 20,000 units in total. You may share it with other people in you office, lab and classroom. A high-performance math expression evaluator ExCalc is attached to enable data exchange with SuperCon 2000. SuperCon 2000 will answer the practical needs for engineers, students and those who have the necessity to use considerable number of physical quantities and units for special purposes.


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