Team@Work Standard edition

Project Management


Internet / intranet based real-time workflow management system designed to plan, execute, manage, control and change multiple projects in a dynamic environment. It controls hundreds of people in hundreds of projects, supports multilevel decision making on the project execution path and allows integration of external partners. The key advantage of Team@Work against similar web based real-time workflow managers is the ability to develop and run complex business schemes with many branches, complex conditions or even cycles. Users may control the project workflow according to the real business situation and according to their rights and competence: from simple redirection to the correct branch for low-level users up to general go/stop decisions for project managers. Thus the multilevel decision making and real-time control over the projects are intrinsically integrated in Team@Work. Team@Work includes workflow development tool (CAD tool), real-time project management server, task manipulation tools, report generator and user administration module. Team@Work key benefits - strongly focused on the individual work and performance - unlimited number of users, workflows and processes working simultaneously - low level engagements concerning system processing - accessed through local network or Internet - intuitive graphical tools for defining organization structure and workflow schemes - fast implementation of changes in the workflows - common tasks and task management options - monitoring workflow process in real time - workflow variant schemes, ability to redirect project's flow - multilevel control and decision making on project execution path - seamless evolution of workflows and organization schemes - access of external partners acting as normal users - tractable work and integration with other informational systems - detailed management of user's rights - high security level - low hardware requirements, working on different platforms

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