* Differentiation of access with an opportunity of installation of privileges. * Cash department(Entering, Payment, the Z-report). * Workshop: Acceptance (any equipment, auto detection of mark under number,a photo with WEB chambers). Workshop (8 statuses,act or refusal list). Delivery (Delivery on one or group, the Guarantee). Reports (About 30 kinds). * Shop: Arrival (Search on a code, the automargin, Parties). Operations (Sale, the Order, the Discount). Price list-stroke codes. Reports (About 10 kinds). Return (Search and return on a warehouse of the goods with the description of the reason). * Spare parts: Arrival (the Supplier, Import from Excel, the Automargin). Reports (About 10 kinds). Return (Search spare parts and return on a warehouse with the description of the reason). Orders (Work with orders and their statuses). * Second-hand: Purchase (Buying up of the equipment, tentative estimation conditions, the contract). Sale (Sale, the Guarantee). Reports (About 15 kinds, Search in reports, export in Excel or HTML or OpenOffice). * Directories: Typical malfunctions (malfunctions of the equipment, the Code of malfunction). Clients (Individual or Firms). IMEI-model (for auto detection at acceptance on the first figures ser.numbers). Black list IMEI (at acceptance check under the black list of devices). The black list clients (at acceptance check named the client). * Price-list: Viewing (Search and a seal of the price-list). , etc. functions.

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