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A powerful 32-bit calculator for Windows. As its name implies, it will help you work smarter and more efficiently than conventional calculators. Ideal for day-to-day arithmetic, unit conversions, finances, scientific or engineering applications, PractiCal is virtually unlimited in its range of uses. It even does fractions. PractiCal comes with a built-in constant/formula library containing hundreds of commonformulas, constants and over 3000 unit conversion factors. Easily add your own formulas, swap with other users, or download additional formulas from our online formula repository at no charge. And its versatile Data window allows you to breeze through statistical calculations with ease. Its system tray icon and optional hotkey sequence mean that PractiCal is available when you need it, and its algebraic entry line lets you see expressions as they're entered,allowing on-the-fly editing. The Tape window makes it easy to review, reuse and print past entries. Customizable display fonts mean reduced eye strain and no more squinting.

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