Enhanced Calculators
  • Developer: Lis Schmitz
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  • License type: Commercial
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The most easy and complet (after einSTein) calculator in Internet. Compare it with any other you can find! It will accept arithmetic expressions or functions: for example to compute the expression (1+a^2)*((a-1)/(a+1) you have to insert (or paste from clipboard) the expression as it's written, insert a value for a and press 'enter'. Graph plotting of a function - Computing of integrals and derivatives - Computing of a function (linear, logarithmic or exponential), that better describes a series of values - Solution of f(x) in an interval. Vectors (three dimensions) calculator (RPN)- Matrix computing (only for 32 bit version)- Solution of systems of three equations - Possibility of operating as a normal calculator (RPN):Mathematic - - Financial functions - Special, unique financial function: allows the calculation of the interest rate of complete irregular cash flows Loans and amortizartion planes - Leasing - USA and European date format - Solution of triangles! Solution of equations up to the 16th grad - Complex and vectors calculations - Measure converter: 112 different measures - Saving capability (You can build your personal archiv)- Reverse Polishe Notation (8 stac-registers that may be seen in a separate window) A must for every family! Absolutly necessary for students, workers, savers and debtors.


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