CDML Advanced Calculator

Enhanced Calculators
  • Developer: CDML Computer Services Ltd.
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  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 3.09 MB
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If the features in the Windows Calculator don't add up for you, check out the free CDML Advanced Calculator. Along with the standard calculator functionality, this easy-to-use calculator gives you a tape display (which can be annotated and opened in Notepad), memory functions, financial features, five English/Metric conversion modes, and a scientific expression evaluator. The financial functions make it easy to figure out various payments and dividends such asmortgages, credit cards, and stocks. The scientific expression evaluator helps you to process advancedmathematical expressions and print out the results. You'll also find a tape menu (with the capabilities to change fonts and tape size), support for international standards, and the ability to save your favorite settings. All this, and at the right price!


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