Personal Finance Assistant



This Finance Utility can be a good fit for personal use to keep track of expenses, incomes, bank accounts, credit cards, stocks/securities, bank loan/policies, password management. It also provides the import/export facility and report creation facilities. It provides followings: 1. Monthly Expense Accounts: Keep track of your expenses on monthly basis. 2. Yearly Income Accounts: Keep track of your income on yearly basis. 3. Individual User Account: Keep track of your money matters with an individual person. 4. Group User Account: Keep track of expenses done in a group of individuals and determine share of each individual. 5. Bank/Credit Card Account : Keep record/details of all your bank and credit card and accounts. 6. Loan/Policy Account: Keep track of your loan or policies (where you pay premiums). 7. Shares/Stock Account: Keep track of shares/stocks you own. 8. Password Manager: Keep records of all passwords at one secured place. 9. Export/Import: Export/Import data to/from database for back-ups or mobility. 10. Reports: Generate reports on how you doing in expenses/incomes/earnings. All these can be done from one secure place (FAssistant Utility).

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