Lubisoft Automobile for UIQ3



Are you confused of your petrol-expenses? Aren’t you sure how much do you pay for one kilometer and how much petrol does you car consume? Is it difficult for you to calculate or does it take a lot of time to you? Aren’t you completely clear about your car and travelling expenses (washing, parking, service, oil and tyre change, or every similar payment)? Lubisoft Automobile is a program, which provides besides this basic functions also calculations of expenses of your business trip or holiday. It enables very easily to make financial overview about all your expenses connected with travelling by car and so reduces them effectively. Automobile helps you store your data, dealing with petrol cost, volume and expenses, milage, shopping of car accessories and services. Automobile calculates statistics for each month or year from this data, because your mobile saves date and time of your payments automatically. You can enrich every entry with notice about location of petrol station or destination of your journey. The greatest advantage of Automobile is user-friendly environment, ease of information input and easy-to-read output. Lubisoft Automobile supports English, German, French, Czech and Slovak. You can enter petrol consumption and distances in various units (litre, gallon or congius for volume; kilometres or miles for distance). If you prefer tabular output you can also export data to spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel.


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