Word Processing


LanguageScripter is a tiny but full featured word processor running inside Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or later) on Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 and uses the Unicode® standard to enable you to enter characters quickly and easily from virtually any languages and scripts, ancient and modern, East and West. It uses HTML - put documents on the web or email them knowing that almost everyone will be able to view them. You can even send self-editing documents - LanguageScripter is so compact that it goes along too! Character Bars - click on a character to enter it in your document. Over 80 are built-in covering languages, scripts and symbols as diverse as: Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Khmer, Tamil, International Phonetic Alphabet, mathematical symbols, Linear B, Cherokee etc. Use the built-in Unicode browser to select directly any characters in the Unicode 4 standard or to construct your own character bar. Automatic Font Management - many PCs already have fonts installed which can cater for many different languages. LanguageScripter will automatically select the correct font for you, or point you in the right direction to install one if you need it. It makes using different scripts as easy as it is possible to be! Use the Tab key to start an automatic table and other 'magic' keys make life easy too. The registered version has the useful features of major word processors ten times the price - user styles, shortcuts, bookmarks, full table formatting, frames, graphics, video etc etc. CSS Formatting - users familiar with the CSS standard can apply CSS attributes to text quickly and easily; there's also direct control over the underlying HTML code.


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