LLMWIN32 Barcode Label Design and Print Software

Card and Label Makers


LLM-WIN32 delivers a sophisticated, yet easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for designing 'out of the box' labeling systems with no programming required! Our native printer drivers are designed specifically for each individual printer in order to take advantage of the printers internal features as well as to maximize performance. LLM-WIN32 includes four powerful design and printing modules plus an ActiveX control designed to help you get your labeling system up and running quickly. These modules along with the control are explained below. Label Design Mode: Easily design a label format using the intuitive Label Design Mode. Place and size barcodes, text, line, box and graphic fields onto the designer screen. Select one field or a group of fields on your label and instantly view and/or change field properties. Dynamically select and edit Native and True Type fonts, barcode symbologies, densities, ratios, and specialized check digits. Quickly and easily define field names, input prompts, operator instructions, help text, non-printing fields, and field positions. Directly assign variable field data sources with a double click of the mouse. Create and edit multiple types of Data sources, for example: Serial Number, Database-Key, Database-Data, Date/Time, Formula, Keyboard, and a wide variety of others.


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