Book Collector 2000

Card and Label Makers


Book Collector is an easy to use online Book Collection cataloging system. You may catalogue anything from 20 to 20,000 books or more in one or more catalogues. Full online search facilities make it simple to find one or groups of books and view their details. Also included are various listing forms to show your collection broken down by Topic or Author or the whole catalogue with easy single click forms to see any individual book details. Several online reports may be produced showing the book details arranged in different sequences. These reports can be used for marketing or mailing purposes or for insurance listings. Each report may also be exported into HTML format for inclusion into WEB pages. Labels can be produced for whole catalogues or single books to facilitate physical shelving or organization of a collection. Online help is available for all forms. Each form has been especially designed to be simple and straight forward making this package usable for.


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